Sunday, July 14, 2013


Taco tour 2013 took me back to Los Angeles and Baja this past month. I hit up a bunch of new spots and revisited favorites from the last trip. I managed to pack in a wide variety of tacos and tostadas, from old school street carts to traditional Mexican restaurants, hipster taco bars, pop-ups and gourmet food trucks.

So get out your bibs...and enjoy a photo diary of the taco madness (with honorable mention to a few of my favorite non-taco Mexican snacks!)

LEO'S TACO TRUCK (Los Angeles) - Al Pastor, Cabeza, Lengua

GUERRILLA TACOS (Los Angeles) - Chorizo/potato, Bean/bacon/fried egg, Kale/tomato/scramble

MEXICALI TACO & CO. (Los Angeles) - Vampiro Quesedilla, Pork Cachetada

LA GUELAGUETZA (Los Angeles) - Red mole & queso fresco nachos (I'm still dreaming about this mole..)

TACOS GUADALAJARA (El Faro Plaza, Los Angeles)- Tacos de canasta al vapor (steamed in a basket)

EL FARO PLAZA - Tostilocos!!!

TACOS PUNTA CABRAS (Santa Monica) - Shrimp tostada, Baja fish taco

COCTELARIA LOS ARCOS II - Shrimp and Octopus tostadas (and the Tijuana/San Diego border fence)

Mangos Preparados - Random beach vendor, Playas de Tijuana

 TACOS KOKOPELLI (Foodgarden, Tijuana)- Kraken and Black Harder 

Strawberry & Cream Paleta (from random vendor in Tijuana)

Midnight snack of queso fresco and chapulines from the Mercado Hidalgo in TJ.

LA GUERRERENSE (Ensenada) - Pulpo tostada

 LA GUERRERENSE - Erizo y almeja (sea urchin and pismo clam)

 TACOS FENIX (Ensenada)- Fish and Shrimp Tacos

 Gotta have some churros while at "La Linea" at San Ysidro...

AQUI ES TEXCOCO (San Diego/Chula Vista) - Brain, Tripe and Rib tacos.

JOHN SEDLAR/RIVERA (LA Street Food Fest) - Handmade tortillas pressed w/ flowers on the "plancha"

CEVICHE PROJECT (LA Street Food Fest) - Yellowfin tuna tostada with a yuzu sorbet and mango.

LA Street Food Fest - Taco, taco empanada (can't remember the vendor)

THE CHURRO BOROUGH (LA Street Food Fest) - Mini churro ice cream sandwich!

LA CHINA POBLANA (East LA) -  Milanesa Cemita

MERCADO OLYMPIC (Los Angeles) - Random giant trompo of Al Pastor

PETTY CASH (Los Angeles) - Pigs Ear Nachos

PETTY CASH - Kraken Taco (from Tacos Kokopelli in Tijuana...the chef is also now collaborating in LA)

MARISCOS JALISCO (Los Angeles) - Fried Shrimp Tacos (MY #1 TACO OF ALL TIME!!!)

KOGI BBQ TRUCK (Venice) - Short Rib Tacos 

TAQUERIA ESCUELA (Los Angeles) - Crispy beef and pickle

GUISADOS (Echo Park) - Chicharrones, Chicken Tinga, Steak Picado



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